Rx Conditioned Unconsciousness.

The Rx for the Conditioned Unconsciousness (Total Bliss)! My Best Selling.

The Rx for the Conditioned Unconsciousness (Total Bliss)! My Best Selling.

Baba Steve is the author of Orgasm : Rx for Conditioned Unconsciousness. He wrote this book to help individuals and couples attain a total orgasm. His Orgasm Book and Seminars will guide you on a path more fulfilled with life, sex, and relationships.

Baba Steve is a former physician turned yogi. His practice of urology , general surgery , preventive  medicine  and  research  has  allowed  him  to  create  a orgasmic meditation  to increase  you’re energy and help to heal the cancer of your mind.     

ORGASM BOOK is now available.


Unconditional Consciousness & Total Awareness. Learn to Heal your

yourself from Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Overweight,

Alzheimer’s, Sexual Disorders, Prostate Cancer and enlargement. 

Increase growth hormones and live more than 165 years.   

PSA Zero: The 21st Century scientist program to Rejuvenate Prostate and Sexual Health,

 through awareness of Prostate & Sexual Morphology, You will learn, 1) How to increase Cellular Oxygen, and

2) Balance chemical and Metabolic Activity of the Prostate and Sexual organs.

PSA Zero Program consist of Prostate Anatomy, Prostatic Diseases, Sexual Dysfunction, PSA, Path of Life, Cellular Nutrition, Prostate & Sexual Musculature, Rejuvenation Techniques, Breath of Life and Alignment with Nature, By Dr. Steve Bedi.